Ewelina Sobora

Software Engineer

Email: me@ewelina.dev

Location: London, UK

About Me

Hi, my name is Ewelina and I specialize in software engineering and testing. My interest in logic and the process of bringing innovative ideas to fruition has been a lifelong passion. This journey began during my undergraduate studies, where I pursued a BSc in Mathematics and Economics, along with International Relations in my hometown in Poland. It was here that I was first introduced to the world of coding, and I was immediately drawn to its expressive and creative potential. After completing my degree, I embarked on a career as a Sales Representative in Cracow, gaining valuable insights into the business world. However, my passion for technology continued to grow and I made the bold decision to pursue my ambitions in London. Dedicated to the pursuit of continuous learning and skills development, I am committed to evolving my expertise in this field.



FullStack Developer

February 2024 - Present

As a FullStack Developer, I have been responsible for developing and maintaining a range of web applications with focus on small, local businesses. My primary responsibilities have included building and maintaining the front-end and back-end of the applications, ensuring that they are user-friendly, efficient, and scalable. To achieve this, I have harnessed a range of advanced technologies, including Ruby on Rails, Flask, React, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux, Docker, Dokku. By leveraging these tools and technologies, I have been able to deliver efficient, scalable, and reliable systems that meet the needs of my clients.


BackEnd Developer (promotion)

October 2021 - September 2022


In my capacity as a BackEnd Developer, I have made significant contributions towards the development of cutting-edge technology. My primary responsibilities have included maintaining and improving microservice architecture systems, thereby ensuring that the final product is of the highest possible quality. To achieve this, I have harnessed a range of advanced technologies, including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Non-Relational (MongoDB, DynamoDB), Graph Database (Neo4j) as well as Sidekiq, Redis, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, other AWS services and Docker. By leveraging these tools and technologies, I have been able to deliver efficient, scalable and reliable systems that meet the needs of our clients.


Developer In Test

May 2019 - October 2021


As a Developer in Test, I was responsible for developing new features, fixing bugs, and building automated end-to-end tests of the core functionalities of the media analytics platform from the ground up that ensured our services met the highest standards. Throughout my tenure, I adopted a meticulous and systematic approach to all my tasks, which helped me achieve remarkable results. Upon joining Lifestream (startup), I took the initiative to introduce the tech and product teams to ShapeUp - an innovative product development approach invented by Basecamp creators. Additionally, I introduced a risk analysis chart, which played a crucial role in facilitating test planning. To accomplish these tasks, I leveraged a diverse technology stack, which included Ruby/Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MySQL, AWS, CircleCI, ElasticSearch, Docker, Neo4j, and NodeJS/Testcafe. Through my proficiency in these tools, I was able to build efficient and scalable systems that were essential in achieving our organizational goals.

Amigo Partnership

BackEnd Developer

August 2017 - October 2018


My primary roles involved the development of various applications in this digital agancy, enabling the integrated delivery of a suite of apps to produce an API utilised by a CMS to manage front-end applications. Working in a team to build REST and GraphQL API applications and testing with TDD RSpec for a range of companies, including Rolls Royce and O2 . Projects supported many features of OS. I specialised in Rails 5 , REST and GraphQL API , RSpec, JWT, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AWS and Docker .

Storage Made Easy

QA Software Engineer

July 2015 - February 2017


As a QA Engineer, in SME startup, I demonstrated expertise in testing both Web and Mobile-based Applications, with a deep understanding of all stages of the software development and testing life cycle. My daily responsibilities included testing various versions of the SME Appliance prepared for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, ensuring that all features and functionalities met the highest quality standards. In addition, I was responsible for implementing and updating the Agile Test Strategy, which involved collaborating closely with the development team and other stakeholders to ensure that testing was integrated seamlessly into the software development process. Through my expertise and meticulous attention to detail, I was able to create a robust and efficient testing process that ensured the highest levels of quality and performance for our applications.

PHE Nowa France

Sales Representative

September 2014 - March 2015


In previous role as a sales representative, I successfully managed cash flow, prepared offers, attracted partners, built customer databases, and analyzed sales and customer needs. I excelled in direct client contact, addressing inquiries, and providing tailored solutions. Through follow-ups and collaboration, I ensured satisfaction, negotiated effectively, and identified growth opportunities.


edX Front-End Web Developer, University of Birmingham

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Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, Flask, Sidekiq, Redis, Elasticsearch, RSpec, TestCafe, Cypress, Cucumber, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Ansible playbooks, Heroku, Dokku, Kibana, Grafana


University of Birmingham

Front-End Development with React

2022 - 2023

The State School Of Higher Education In Chelm (Poland)

BSc Mathematics and Economy

2011 - 2014

The State School Of Higher Education In Chelm (Poland)

Bsc International Relations - Spec.The international Dimension of administration and self-government.

2010 - 2013

A Little More About Me

In my leisure time, I enjoy engaging in various activities such as playing video games on the PS5, exploring new recipes and cooking a variety of cuisines, cultivating and preparing homemade kimchi, nurturing my garden, cycling, attending concerts, and expressing my passion for art. I find immense joy in exploring different forms of artistic expression, whether it’s through creating, appreciating various art forms, or immersing myself in cultural experiences.